The Astro Edibles Edge

Top Shelf Ingredients

What makes our cannabis chocolates different? Premium ingredients. All Astros Space Bars are made with sustainably sourced Belgium Callebaut chocolate. Known for it’s outstanding taste and quality, Callebaut chocolate is used by chefs and chocolatiers around the world.

Gluten Free Facility

Some of our customers are gluten sensitive and are curious to know if our products are suitable for them. We are glad to say all the Astro Edibles brand of cannabis edibles are manufactured without gluten ingredients in our gluten free facility. Some products are gluten free as well! See specific product listing for details, so you can enjoy without worry!

Natural Sweeteners and Flavourings

At Astro Edibles, we love to add wholesome, natural ingredients to our products like blue agave nectar, stevia, pink Himalayan salt, and organic MCT oil – for a difference you can taste and feel!

Whether you enjoy our hard candy planets, gummy space bears, or syrups you’ll be getting a blast of real fruit based natural oils and extracts on your tongue.

organic mct oil for cannabis candies
Astro Edibles Cannabis Candies and Chocolates For Canada

Our Own Special Blend For Some Unique Feels

Our Astronaut chefs combine a top secret mix of Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC distillates to give you a one-of-a-kind high. Our recipe offers both a heady buzz and a chill body relaxing vibe, so you get a balanced buzz without sacrificing potency.

Consistent & Exact Dosing For Every Type of User

We spend a lot of time evaluating the type of product and dosage for every potential user. Whether you’re a newcomer testing the edibles waters or a high tolerance veteran we have products geared exactly to your style.

Looking for a nice light dose? Try our sprays with only 4.5mg per spritz. Need something at a standard strength? Try our tasty chocolates with nicely portioned breakable squares of 10mg or 20mg each.

Our hard candy planets offer 20mg each, and our space bears are 25mg per gummy.

Want a tasty cocktail with some oomph? Try mixing the space syrups with sparkling water or juice. Our space-age syrup bottles include a measuring chamber so you can easily serve up a 25mg dose.

For those seeking deeper space exploration, try something a little on the stronger side, like the gummy stars at 50mg per piece. But for the ultra-experienced high-tolerance THC aficionados, we’ve got you with our high dosage Astro Alien Heads with a jaw dropping 200mg per gummy!

Astro Bars Cannabis Chocolates for Canada

Quality Edibles With Speedy Delivery

We have a flat rate shipping via Canada Post’s Express Post service to get your Astro yummies to your door very quickly. You also get free shipping over $100! Do you live in Metro Vancouver? Get same day delivery on Astro orders, also free over $100! Go here for details.