Great product! Does the job and excellent flavour profiles!
Trevor S.
Very good! I love these. The dosage is the perfect amount for me and the fact that it’s a long-lasting hard candy makes it more enjoyable, as I don’t feel tempted to eat more than one (like I often am with gummies). Also, who doesn’t love space? And with these, you can joke that you’re taking a trip to Mars 😉
Alexandria N.
Awesome Edibles I’m a daily medical user so edibles are usually wasted on me because of my high tolerance. Hello Astronaut edibles ... needed 3 hard candies to feel the effects, gave me a great and consistent buzz for a good part of the day. My partner only needed one for the same effect. So beware of the high dose per candy. Will buy again!
Great. Not too strong.
The wife can’t get enough of them!!!!
Great pain control. These little gems are so great for pain, sends the whole body into a relaxed space where true healing can begin. They taste great, and the dose is just right.
Subtle but effective The “lozenge” provides a nice gradual intake for a smooth transition into a nice buzz
Trevor C.
So good These are great & tasty, not too bad of an after taste either. Great option to help relax and sleep peacefully with no pain.
Good starter. These are pretty good! They are good if you are looking for something to take the edge off and relax. Don't have a big meal before you have them or, it will lessen the effects.
Beth C.
One of my favorites. Excellent taste, slow and steady high.
These are great! I’m not much of a gummy candy person, so when I found these here I was quite excited. They did not disappoint! I love the flavours and the high is steady and leaves my mind and body relaxed just as I was hoping for.
Great fun option These are tasty treats for discrete usage. Not super potent either
Love the 20mg doses. Tastes good too.
Packed a punch Awesome about 1.5 hours before bedtime. Sleeps like a baby.
Lots of great flavours! These had a great flavour and gave a nice buzz.
Taste great! Love these hard candy edibles. Great flavours and a nice high. I take 2-3.
Good Yummy! Tastes great!
Very yummy tasting hard candies. Great for taking the edge of my pain and relax. I would recommend for minor pains but over all very great products.
Feed back on candy I really liked the flavour, very nice. Lasted quite awhile in my system. No weed taste at all.
Great flavour They tastes great, no weed flavour. Popped one or two and it got me through the day so I loved them.
Big balls !!! Playing around the moon feel awesome!
Amazing Worked really well. Take one and wait awhile.
Yummy!! Love the taste!! I enjoyed them so much!!
Perfect dose As someone who has almost always overdone it on edibles, I think this is the first time I got the dose spot on for high but still functional. I haven’t tried 2 at once yet but next time I try these I will for the more “high but also couch locked “ high. The taste is also great!
Ayyyyyy These are awesome. Love the flavours!
Tasty Candy is slightly soft and the buzz is mellow... I might eat two at once this weekend
Really good I really enjoyed this candies, they have great flavor and are also great value! Will definitely be getting these again.
John M.
Awesome I loved these hard candies! They also taste amazing, for all you weirdos that hate the taste of edibles, you'll like these!
Very good value I enjoyed them, very good value, would recommend!
Tasty little treats with a real nice high ✌️
They were delicious and effective! I dont tend to like candies as much as a joint but these were alot of fun.
These are great! Love the different flavors, and the high is great. Highly recommended!